The new Samsung S10-rumours mills have been flying off the shelves like a fresh pasta bake from your local Greggs. Which makes sense considering Samsung is likely to make the announcement of their new phone in the first three months of 2019 (Mobile Word Congress anyone?).


If you’ve been here before you know I had to talk about this. The lack of notch on Samsung devices continues to make me live in the hope that the famous notch phase can be broken. But there’s something different from the screen.

Not seen on any other devices – apart from Samsungs A8 – you would have noticed a circle which Samsung is calling the infinity-O display which is home to the front-facing camera.

What else

Unlike what is becoming the norm for those at the top of the smartphone pack, Samsung looks to be moving away from the three variants and are instead going to announce four different models of the S10.

S10 Lite:

As the name suggests, this should be the lower end version of the model. The difference between a lower end smartphone these days is that it can still hold it’s own against newer models. So don’t let the name Lite fool you.

The S10 lite will be the smaller of the pack with a rumoured 5.20-inch display. Unlike its siblings, it would most likely come with a flat display rather than the curves sported on other Samsung models.

It will have 6 GB ram, 128 of internal storage. As far as the battery is concerned, it has 3300 mAh. The back of the phone will be home to 3 cameras for wide angle photography.

Keeping in line with the current offering from some of the models from this year, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Oneplus 6T,  the S10 will have an in-screen fingerprint scanner which allows you to take full advantage of the display.



The model that is more likely to sell out, the S10 is coming in with what could be called the standard screen size -imagine that- a 6.1 QHD+, which would push past the S9 resolution. Expect the S10 to come with the usual curve display as seen on past Samsung screens.  Like the S10 lite, it will also come with a triple camera.

Expect the phone to have 128gb to 512gb of storage, between 6-8GB of Ram and 4000+mah battery to get the most out of this handset. Like it’s brother it too will have a in-screen fingerprint scanner.



The big one. 6.4 inch of real estate with the same form factor as it’s siblings with the infinity-O display. Same triple camera set up and most likely the same curved display as the S10 with greater screen clarity.  Like the S10 it will have a triple camera at the back, but unlike the other’s it is said that it will have two front-facing cameras for a group selfie. Expect to see the in-screen fingerprint scanner found on its brothers.


Beyond X

The rumoured handset to celebrate 10 years (like the iPhone X) is supposed to have a 6.7in display and 5G network support, triple cameras front and back and up to 1TB of storage, making it the most future proof handset out there.

The catch? It may not be coming to the UK any time soon; rather it will be for the North American and South Korean market.

Before you go

Keep a look at for the more details to come during the next few weeks!

Update: Samsung has announced that their S10 event will be on the 20 February.


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