The yearly Samsung unpacked event has come and gone and has left us ( the media) excited as to what’s to come.

Here’s a quick roundup of what you may or may not know:

Galaxy Z Flip:


One of the worst-kept secrets of modern times, the Galaxy Z Flip was, without a doubt a sure thing. With endless leaks leading up to the event, there wasn’t much that was left to the imagination.

Easy to store away and flip, the unfolded version of this device has a 6.7 screen. While folded, it has a small display that can show notifications, battery life and lets you take selfies quickly.

With the “flip mode,” you’re able to prop up the handset of the table allowing you to do video calls without needed to hold it. Pretty cool.

Galaxy 20:


While the rumour mill was nothing short of being high; the most talked about topic when it came to this device was the naming convention. With the S9 in 2018, S10 in 2019, the debate was over whether the next adaptation would be S11 or the S20. As we can see, it’s the latter, and it still doesn’t make sense to me, but here it is; the Galaxy S20.

This device comes in three versions, S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. Three phones with three different sizes and specs.


It has a 6.2 display that has a native Quad HD+ resolution. With the 120Hrz onboard the screen resolution can be dropped to 1080p to be utilised. This is standard on all three models, including the addition of 5G. With three cameras on the rear, including a 64-megapixel supporting up to 30x “Space” (digital) zoom.


Similar to the S20 but with a slight difference. The S20+ come in at 6.7 display with four cameras with a depth sensor.

S20 Ultra:

The biggest of the lot. With a 6.9 inch display with four cameras with the introduction of a depth sensor while being the only one to pack a 108-megapixel sensor on the wide-angle lens. Unlike its siblings, the S20 Ultra also stands alone with the digital zoom, supporting up to 100x compared to 30x.

Galaxy buds+:

With Apple Airpods getting an upgrade it was only right that Samsung followed suit. It looks the same as it’s predecessor, but the sound should be better. Moving to a dual drive system and increasing the microphones from two to three should do the trick.

It should run 11+ hours while the case gives it another 11+ hours. If this proves to be accurate, then this would make it the best earbuds in terms of hours played.

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