The iPhones and iPads were centre stage for September while the October event focused heavily on Mac with a few audio upgrades. A redesigned Macbook Pro, HomePod and third-generation AirPods were all unrevealed.

If you missed the event here is everything that was announced.


Powerful new chipsets that were made in-house

Apple October event: Everything that happened that is worth mentioning

There’s no more intel. This has always been in the works as last year models, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch, both had the original M1 chip. This year the M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max have been introduced.

Both chipsets are said to be 70 per cent faster than last years M1. The M1 Pro has eight high-performance cores with two high-efficiency cores. For graphics, you will find a 16-core GPU that’s also twice as fast as the M1.

Whereas the M1 Max has the same 10-core CPU alongside a 32-core GPU with the M1 Max, graphic wise, is four times faster than the M1. Without any of this being tested we know that these are chipsets Apple have designed with the creators, video editors and graphic designs in mind.

The M1 Pro beats the M1 with eight high-performance cores ( has a 10-core CPU), with two high-efficiency cores. It’s also twice as fast as the M1 with a 16-core GPU.


New MacBooks

Apple October event: Everything that happened that is worth mentioning

Of course, the new chipsets needed a home and there wasn’t any better place for them other than the new Macbook Pro. It comes in a 14-16-inch body with a larger screen size at 14.2 inches and 16.2 inches. Both have liquid Retina XDR screens with Apple’s Mini Led display technology.

Far from being any other Macbook, the new line-up has taken some inspiration from the iPhone 13 Pro with ProMotion ( Apple’s 120-Hz refresh rate) making sure that the content is as smooth as it can be.

What it also seems to have taken is a notch in the middle of the display which is home to the 1080p camera for pictures and video calling. The camera has a wider aperture so expect your images to be clear as it takes in more light in a dim room. Yet, despite the familiarity of the iPhone, there isn’t a TrueDepth camera system which makes the decision to include the notch very odd.

Touch ID still remains so you can unlock your Mac with your fingerprint. What hasn’t is the touch bar and instead you will find physical keys back at the top of where they belong.

What’s another indication that Apple really had creators in mind with the development of their new range of MacBooks is the reinstatement of ports. You’ll find an HDMI port, three USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4, an SD card slot, and a headphone jack. MagSafe has also returned, connecting to the port magnetically just like it used to.

AirPods 3

Apple October event: Everything that happened that is worth mentioning

The third generation AirPods is here. Fast becoming one of Apple’s bigger sellers this third edition is bound to keep the trend going.

With a much curvier look, Apple believe that these AirPods would not only fit better but the sound quality would be better than the previous models. With a lower distortion dynamic driver for the better base, and crisper high end sounds the third generation AirPods should get you closer to your music, especially with the Spatial audio, letting you watch movies in Dolby Atmos.

The third generation AirPods have 6-hour usage instead of 5 and you will be able to charge it wirelessly through MagSafe. Considering that some wirelesses Airpods have 8 hours of usage, this offering may not be the best fit for many.

Apple Music voice plan

Apple October event: Everything that happened that is worth mentioning

One of the most random announcements was Apple’s new voice-only subscription plan. For £5 you will be able to access Apple’s music services via voice control with Siri. It definitely took many by surprise considering the current Single and Family plan that lets you browse and download your music. However, if internet radio is your thing then this may be something to consider.

HomePod Mini

No updates over here, just a variety of colours to keep things funky. You can now get it in orange, blue and yellow.