A partnership that many weren’t expecting, Facebook and Ray-Bans have joined hands to dominate the tech eye-wear space were Google and Snapchat have previously failed at. Would they be successful?

Time will tell.

But what else does this mean?

It means that brands are finally taking in the importance of A.I and are willing to test out what works and doesn’t. In recent years we have had the Snapchat Spectacles in its famous yellow which didn’t take off as most expected.

However, with Facebook partnering up with an eye-maker it means we can now getting something stylish that customers are likely to wear. But it goes beyond fashion, after all this is Facebook one of the biggest social apps in the world.

Its about social ( as expected )

Similar to the Snapchat spectacles, Facebook glass is all about capturing images and videos at ease with your eye-wear and uploading them to Facebook own platforms such as Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram. But it doesn’t stop there. Sharing on outside apps is also available; Twitter, TikTok and of course Snapchat.


  • Two 5-megapixel cameras
  • Three microphones
  • Three Microphones
  • Built-in Speakers

You’ll find two 5-megapixel cameras with thee micrphones and built in speakers for voice commands and to be used to take phone calls ( don’t ask me why ).

What about privacy?

For many privacy is a major concern when it comes to a brand like Facebook. In the past two years there have been multiple debates about Facebook and how they use our data and this will cause an issue for many.

Facebook privacy policy should ease all concerns. They’ve spent time creating a dedicated page to let you know how they will manage our data. But that isn’t the only concern when it comes to these type of glasses. The same issues that were raised with the Google glass still remains. How would people know if they’re being recorded?

With that in mind, Ray-Ban Stories has a small light on the side of the frame which indicates that you are being recorded. Unfortunately, this is easy to cover if someone was to intentionally violate Facebook terms of service.