As we near the end of the year the competition for the best phone to buy keeps getting hotter and hotter. With the iPhone 8/X/S (whatever the phone will be called) is on the horizon it is only fair to do a list of the best phones to buy.



OnePlus 5

The small Chinese company dreaming big has continued its quest off smartphone superiority with its latest model. Retailing at £450 for the 64GB (128gb will cost you £500) is the One Plus 5 is definitely a bargain for money. With a similar style to the iphone (imitation is a form of flattery right? ) the phone is highly appealing. 5.5 inch display, Android, 3,300 MAH battery this phone will definitely last a day.






iPhone 8

Yes, I know technically not out but what is a phone list without an Iphone? With the annual Apple event taking place on the 12th September this has become one of the most anticipated iPhone launches of late.

This image is the most talked about images of the new iphone which gives it some sort of authenticity.

With rumours of a smaller bezel and the removable of the home button, this would keep Apple in line with the current offerings from competitors. With Touch ID being embedded in the screen allows the front of the phone to be dominated by a display. Sticking to the front of the screen a 3D camera has been mentioned for unlocking your phone with your face.

As you may have noticed the back of the Iphone looks a bit different than normal and that’s because of a dual camera. Apple seems to be stepping up their camera game which should come along with some enhanced features.


UPDATE: I  can confirm there are two variants iPhone 8 ( you and I both know this is the 7s ) and the one below the iPhone X.

Iphone X was more or less spot on with the big reveal being no touch ID your phone can either be unlocked with Facial recognition or a passcode.









Samsung Galaxy S8

What a beauty. What a beauty indeed. S8 is Samsung at its best. The Edge display’s that made their way into the S6 line up has now continued to be a main stay in Samsung and how well does it look? The phone screen is the most appealing of any devices out there. It curves nicely over the edges giving it the illusion that it is just a screen on its own. With the fingerprint scanner now at the back of the phone the home button has completely been removed for you to enjoy what Samsung calls Infinity Display (edge to edge screen) .

There is a button on the right hand side which we know as the lock screen button but now it is home to Bixby. Bixby is Samsungs own equivalent to Google assistant and Siri.  Still in it’s infancy but knowing Samsung they will be making a lot of strides in the up coming months.

If you are after the S8 out right it would normally cost you £690 but for a limited time, you can buy it from Amazon for £544 while the larger sibling would cost you £640.





Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Sticking with the form factor of the S8 the Note continues the edge to edge display but with a larger screen. What really stands out with the Note 8 is, of course the camera.

What a camera indeed.. With two 12 megapixels with optimum image stabilization ( allows you to take clear pictures even with shaky hands ) that truly stand out from the crowd. With the ability to blur your background, focus on a particular subject this is already Instagram worthy ( filter not needed).

With the removing of the home button, you could be mistaken for thinking the finger print scanner has also disappeared. But like its siblings before it, it has now been moved to the back of the device which may be tricky to unlock.

As it is a Note you can expect an S pen at the bottom of the device which lets you take notes whilst the screen is off and created your own gifs that can be sent as messages.

With the device yet to be released, the Note 8 would be considerably more expensive than its brothers but if your’e looking for a phone to not have an amazing screen to watch movies ( imagine the quality of Netflix on this) take notes or just be creative then this is a device worth considering.



UPDATE: The note is finally out! Comes in two colours in the UK ( Midnight Black and Maple Gold).



iPhone 7

Last years model deserves an honourable mention, not least because of how it takes amazing images, but overall, the iPhone 7/plus was a handset that worked well. Long battery life ( usage varies ), lovely 5.5 dispay full HD screen, very quick in opening apps, the iPhone 7 ( the plus in this instance) showcased what Apple does best.

To find and compare the best deals of the iphone 7 plus carephonewarehouse should be considered as a  starting point.











Pixel Phone

Googles first attempt in the smart phone market other than it’s software, the pixel phone is a classic. Great design, pure android ( android in it’s originally form). While the phone was released in 2016 it is still a phone worth mentioning. With the power/ speed equivalent to an Iphone the Pixel Phone is ideal for those who want to experience Andriod at it’s best.

You can buy it for £600 from google or as always find the best pixel deals via carphonewarehouse.








No matter which device you choose you would not be left to feel like you have made the wrong decision. Each device can provide not only the entertainment but the productivity for your day to day use.