Apple AirTags was always in the works. In fact you could even say it has been in the work for a few years but for whatever reason it hasn’t seen the light of day. Until now.

Release Date and price

You should be able to purchase the AirTags at the point of reading this article. A single AirTags will cost you £29 while a pack of 4 will be £99.

But what is it?

AirTags, similar to Tile, can be attached to any of your possessions to track via the Find My Network. You can put it on your keys, bag, shoes you name it.

The Find My Network also helps in locating your lost AirTag (imagine that). You can put the AirTag in Lost Mode and if another device passes it by you get an update. You can go one step further by assigning your number to the AirTag, so if it’s found, all they need to do is tap it with an NFC-enabled phone to display the number and get it back to you.


The AirTags is small and lightweight. It has a removable plastic cover, which is the home of the battery (CR2032 by the way) and a built-in speaker. As you expect this emits a sound if the Find My app is used to find out where it is.

You may be expecting a clip but you won’t find it on the AirTag unless you buy an accessory. Yet, you can still put it in your bag, wallet and even your jeans.

Don’t worry about it getting wet as it has an IP67 rating. So if it falls in a pool or the bathtub it will survive.

How long will it last?

According to reports, at least a year. But of course that’s based on how you use it. If shorter, don’t worry because the CR2032 is easy to find. I would recommend buying it from your local high street or £1 store ( its definitely cheaper and comes in a pack).

Anything else?

If you’re someone who is really concerned about losing your items then this is definitely an interesting product you should consider, especially if you’re an iPhone user. Easy to set up and connect with your devices and allowing you to track from any Apple product that has the My Find app.

For anyone else, don’t worry Tile is a powerful alternative that has been around longer and has a wide variety of product types that will suit your daily needs.