With the recent pandemic many people were excited for normality to come into play with the annual Apple event in September. This event showcases Apples line of new releases but also the iPhone for that year (in the case, it would have been the iPhone 12). But like any other business Apple were hit. With their assembling line for their new iPhone delayed something that has never happened finally took place. No iPhone 12 revealing, yet. With that, the event ran with no teasing of the next iPhone but instead showcased the other line of Apple products to keep us entertained.


iPhone 12 models

iPhone 12 rumours


When it comes to Apple news, serial Apple twitter, Tech influencer, Jon Prosser, rarely gets it wrong.  According to him, the iPhone will come in four variants. iPhone mini, iPhone 12, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone 12 mini is the smaller model and has a 5.4-inch display whereas the bigger models range from 6.1 to 6.7 display. All the devices will have 64/128/256GB of storage. You can expect the event to happen on 13 October with deliveries taking place on 16 October.


iPhone 12 rumours


Good news. You can expect the new models to all come with a smaller notch but don’t expect it to have the much-hyped 120hz refresh rate on this model especially on the mini. The Pro versions are rumoured to come with 60hz and 120hz giving you the option to change your screen refresh rate at will.

More variants of what you get depending on the model are evident in the camera set up. The mini and 12 should only come with 2 rear cameras while the pro and pro max should have 3 including Lindar. Lidar assists with autofocus and should help in your night images, add depth to your videos and improve your zoom capabilities. Nice.

What it won’t come with

One thing was evidently clear in the Apple event was the mention of no chargers for the Watch series and iPads. Expect this to be the same with the recent iPhone so if you don’t currently have an Apple plug then you need to buy one ASAP. And as always, don’t expect to see earbuds either.

Final thoughts

As we get closer to the event more information will be added onto this page.