The Watch SE sees Apple going into a different direction. No, not releasing two products at the same time but releasing two smartwatches in particular. This is a new direction for them and its all too clear to see.

The release of the Apple Watch SE spells bad news for the Apple Watch 3 series which would normally have been priced lower. But with the shiny new, cheaper alternative now available it makes that range obsolete.

But what does it mean for customers who want an Apple watch but aren’t interested in spending above asking price? Well, you’re here to find out.

Addressing the elephant in the room

To be clear, this watch is the cheaper version, which means it’s missing some key features. So don’t expect the always-on display, electrocardiogram and blood oxygen-sensing capabilities which can be found on the Apple Watch 6. If those features are a most, then this isn’t a watch for you.

What does it actually have?

  • Always-on altimeter and compass
  • Heart rate sensor

Mind you it isn’t all doom and gloom, despite the lack of some pretty cool features the Watch SE still has some things that you are more likely to use.

For any sudden fitness buff during this period ( pandemic) the heart rate monitor is great for measuring your progress. Add in the altimeter and you have a watch that not only tells you about your heart rate but also help you to evaluate your performance on your run.

But most importantly you will find WatchOS 7 right from the start so you don’t need to concern yourself with updating your watch.

Watch SE: Design

  • Finishes: Gold, Silver, Space Grey
  • Always-on altimeter & compass
  • Bigger screen than Watch S3
  • 5 hour charge time
  • All-day battery life

The Watch SE comes in three colours, Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. With the recent offerings you are able to choose from numerous band options to style your watch for that perfect fit.

Controlling the device is easy as you would be able to use anything and everything from the touchscreen, digital crown and of course the side button.

With Apple unrevealing of their new ranges, one thing was clear; no charger in the box. With that in mind you would need to use your own or as Apple would like you to do, buy from them. Charging time may be a bit slow for some, with an estimate two and a half hours compared to the S6.

A great addition to the watch is that its waterproof so feel free to jump into a pool whenever you feel like it to test out its capabilities (that’s on you).

Final thoughts

The Watch SE is a great alternative for those who want to get an Apple Watch without going over the top. With the starting price at £269 it hits a sweet spot that most people would be happy with.

The missing features aren’t deal-breakers, in fact, you could say they are pointless considering what you would actually use the watch for. Sure, they’re nice to have and it’s cool to tell others what your watch can do, but if saving money is a factor then this is the one for you.

All in all, the Watch SE is perfect for someone who is interested in fitness or keen on the idea of paying for things just by tapping your watch by using Apple Pay, then this is a sure winner.