When you think about a middle child, you’re always uncertain about them. Are they capable and reliable like their older sibling, or are they just about above the younger one? With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, that question get’s answered. In short, it’s the perfect balance between both.


  • Glass front and back (Gorilla Glass 6)
  • IP68 water- and dust-resistant protection
  • Colours: Grey, Blue, Black

Samsung design tradition is entirely on show. Sleek, big display sits at home in a curved glass back with one clear addition; the rectangular block at the rear that has now become the camera ( more on that later).

Unlike last years S10 phones you won’t find a Bixby button at the side of the device neither will you see a headphone jack making this one of the cleanest phones in Samsung’s history.


  • 6.7 AMOLED display 
  •  3200 x 1440 resolution (524ppi)
  • 120Hz at 1080p, 60Hz at 1440p 
  • HDR10+ support

With a 6.7 inch AMOLED display that would be hard to miss in any conditions, you’ll be pleased to know that the colour quality is something you will be looking at for days to come. A speciality of Samsungs, colour production is always vibrant, giving you that cinematic experience while watching your favourite movie on Netflix.

What remains a feature throughout the S20 line is the 120 Hz refresh rate allowing animations and scrolling to be smoother than normal as most phones are on 60 Hz. Unlike the younger brother, you wouldn’t need to drop the refresh rate to 60 all thanks to a bigger battery.

Thanks to Samsung technology, dropping the screen resolution helps to keep your phone ticking for the whole day. With no impact on the visual experience, this is a key move in ensuring that you genuinely enjoy what that screen has to offer.



  • 12-megapixel, 1.8µm pixel size, f/1.8 aperture, optical stabilisation (OIS)
  • Zoom: 64MP, 0.8µm, f/2.0, OIS, 3x optical / 30x digital zoom
  • Ultra-wide: 12MP, 1.4µm, f/2.2
  • DepthVision sensor


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

One of the major differences between this camera set up compared to it’s smaller sibling is the Depth Vision sensor. It isn’t necessary as it doesn’t add much to the overall camera experience.

With a 12-megapixel sensor, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus uses the full sensor to create an image oppose to it’s the older sibling. But like its sibling, it does suffer from depth of field. This means the closer you get to an image, the more likely it isn’t at the clarity you would like.

Overall the camera setup of the S20 Plus creates images that you can be proud of especially in low light. With the telephoto lens, your zooming capabilities are higher than most. Billed as a 3x hybrid Optic, in reality, it’s 3x optical that uses AI and crops you pictures into its 64-megapixel sensor.

But, it’s fair to say if you want the best camera experience than the S20 range has to offer then you wouldn’t find it here. The S20 Ultra is an entirely different beast in many regards, but the S20 Plus is one that may strike the balance that you need.


  • Exynos 990 12GB RAM
  • 128/512GB storage + microSD expansion
  • 4,500mAh battery
  • 5G connectivity

With a 4500mAh battery, S20 Plus will last longer than it’s younger sibling. If the 128 – 512GB models are not enough for you, then you’re in safe hands as Samsung has kept a key feature that most phones have gotten rid of; the microSD card slot.

One thing to keep in mind is the phone only comes in 5G, unlike the S20 which gives you the option of purchasing a 4G handset. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you consider the 5G contract prices, you’ll start to notice the difference it makes.

Final thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is a fine example of what a middle child is known for. Not exactly like it’s older sibling but independent enough to have its own identity.

The S20 Plus with it’s bigger screen and battery take the experience of the S20 up a notch allowing you to enjoy the experience for that bit longer but it can fall short in the camera department where it’s older sibling out does it.

Overall the phone has excellent performances, and its price range makes it one that will appeal if you’re not bothered about bells and whistles, then this is one for you.