A language translator is a dream many of us have had. Thankfully it may have just been answered. Google made a great claim with their translator app allowing you to speak into your phone and it translates to the language of your choosing but Waverly Labs takes it a step further.

Waverly Labs, based in New York are committed to breaking down language barriers making it easier to communicate.

Step right up Pilot. It is worn by two people who do not speak the same language and it is connected via a phone app.


It is currently not on the market, Waverly Labs are in their funding stage. Their campaign starts on Indiegogo on 25th May. The starting price for the device should be around $129 (£90) with a release of the product coming next spring.

The first generation of the device will be limited. You will be restricted to hearing what the other person is saying. However, it is safe to say that future products will allow you to hear everything in your surroundings making your travelling that much easier.