After weeks of waiting the Apple annual developer conference, that takes place for a week, has come and gone giving us some insight on what to expect from Apple’s operating systems and features.

Heres everything you need to know.

How was it watched?

Similar to last year, you could watch the conference online,  through Youtube or on the Apple website directly.

What was it for?

Apple’s ecosystem is the biggest around and has thousand of developers each year, dedicating a lot of ours to create the apps we have come to love and adore. With that in mind, Apple’s Developers Conference is for those developers, to give them the latest information of what’s coming and changing to the ecosystem so they can adapt accordingly.

However, this event also gives users some insight into what’s to come and expect.


IOS 15, iPadIOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, watchOS 8

The latest and greatest updates can be found in the new and improved IOS software for all the Apple ranges. At this time of writing developers have the chance to see what’s new and make any necessary adjustments for their apps. Whereas the public have to wait to July before getting complete access with the next line of Apple iPhones from August and onwards.

IOS 15

Apple WWDC2021

Kicking off the event was IOS15 with FaceTime taking the spotlight. The beloved video messaging app has had a major upgrade that changes its look and feel, but most importantly it has become more accessible for non apple users.

Thanks to the Zooms popularity skyrocketing,  FaceTimes timely revamp isn’t a coincidence. With the much improved audio, new grind view and most importantly FaceTime link, creating a conference with non apple users is possible. You will now be able to share your FaceTime link with another brand users and they will now be able to save it as in their calendar.


iPad IOS 15

Apple WWC2021

The improvements doesn’t stop there. iPad IOS 15 has also been shown some love. Firstly there has been some much needed improvements that many have felt have been missing for years. There is now a real multitasking feature that allows you to split screen or slide over your task to make it easier to do multiple things on the bigger screen.


macOS 15 Monterey

A standout feature from the event is the macOS 15 Monterey Universal Control. You not only have the ability to share files easily between your different screen size devices but all through the touch of your mouse. So have fun dragging your files across your displays without using airdrop.

watchOS 8

Healthcare makes a massive statement in watchOS 8. There is a new Mindfulness app, an actual breath app that tells you to breathe throughout your day and of course The Fitness app that is getting a wider range of workouts and much more.

Apple Airpods updates

A timely reminder about diversity and inclusion, Apple AirPods Pro will now have a Conversation Boost feature. This is essentially a hearing aid for those with a slight hearing loss, ensuring that they get the best sound quality available. Announce Notifications is an addition. As the name suggests it will read your main notifications and broadcast things of your choosing.