Audi gets sentimental with their latest SuperBowl advert. The late David Bowie song “starman” features in a great visual of past inventions from the state program. It is clear to see that Audi is hinting at past greatness indicating that the “new Audi” fits all the bell and whistles of today.


Audi Super Bowl Ad

But what the ad does perfectly is the range of emotions that humans get  when they get older. Theres a longing of adventure , excitement and joy. We see the transition of the older man in the video being still as he looks on into the distance while we hear the voice of the President say ” this is the proudest day of our lives”. The camera then shows a picture of an astronaut ( we assume its the older gentleman in the chair) with a smile on the voice we can presume that too was the proudest day of his life.

The man is motionless and we hear the sound of an engine and see the light of a car pulling up. His son arrives and finally gets him to move outside with him. Then he sees it. The car in all its beauty. With the keys handed to him his eyes lights up and we have a flashback of joyful times as he walks with a smile towards the car.

His childhood, the time of joy and excitement is conveyed during this process of him walking towards the car but also as he walks towards the spacecraft. We can not only see it but feel the excitement alongside him. With the sequence of 3-2-1being announced we all hold are breaths in preparation of what’s to come.

Final thoughts

Audi did an amazing job in conveying the feelings and emotions that humans go through as they seek excitement. The beauty and craftsmanship of the Audi R8 is on full display showing off its elegant lines but its masculine physique. This is a car that is sure to turn heads no matter were you are.

Don’t just take my word for it have a look at what can be classified as “poetry in motion”.