It’s not often that a brand redesign draws this much attention. In fact, only a few companies have the ability to pull this off. Microsoft, Google, Apple are the few that comes to mind. However, it looks like times are changing with Uber causing a big stir.

Uber have gone for a radical new design with their latest update, moving away from what made Uber recognizable. No longer would there be a “U” that we have come to know and love but there will be a circle bit.


Uber new logo

CEO  Travis Kalanick gave an explanation for the change. ” This will put our technology front and center, as well as provide consistency, highlight information and make our brand easy to recognize”. This makes sense, as Uber is becoming more of a powerhouse and expansion of their portfolio is more than reasonable, justifying the creation of  a logo to tie  in all different entities.

Uber are surely taken this seriously noting the inspiration comes from patterns, fashion, and art, highlighting the one approach the team took to create something that will be memorable.

One approach, one branding, this is the Uber of recent times and it surely looks positive. Click here for the full article.