For anyone who has spent the last few years on Facebook, Bitstrips is a name you should be able to remember. The personalised comic like images were all of the social platform, from the feed to peoples display picture. No matter were you looked Bistrips was noticeable.

From this success Bistips decided to the things further and create Bitmoji. This gave its users a chance to really customise comic like images while using some of the most popular emojis. This gave users the chance to use this emojis as a response to messages from the in-app keyboard.

This was a hug success which could only have prompt Snapchat to make the move to purchase it. It has been rumoured that Snapchat would like to give its app users the ability to customise their personal emoji and use it as a filter.

If true, this takes personal branding to a whole new level for the brand.¬†Looking to be in the region of $100 million, it wasn’t that long ago that Bitstrip was popping up in your Facebook newsfeed and it will not be long that you will see it on your SnapChat. A major acquisition for SnapChat who are looking to add diversity to their already popular app

Final thoughts

If this is true then we can look at a whole new type of social messaging where we will have the opportunity to customise and design any image to respond to friends and family through the app. The future of social messaging has just gotten more exciting.